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“Before we went to Judy, our son had a severe stuttering problem with many blocks and dysfluencies.  He would not speak in full sentences and would change topics mid sentence to avoid words.  You could see his frustration as he tried to have an ordinary conversation with his family and friends.  In addition, he was having difficulties finishing his class work on time and he had an aversion to reading.  Judy's efforts completely changed everything for him.  In the first three weeks with her our son managed to recognize and control his dysfluency; he did not accomplish this after two years of speech services with others.  In addition, reading became something he loved to do.  We often found him in bed with chapter books.  He is a happier young boy now that he has mastered his fluency problems.  Thank you, Judy. ”

Mother of a Third Grader

“Since I have become a better speaker,  I find people have become
better listeners”
Len Chin , Account Executive

“I used to get frequent sore throats after presentations, and my pitch was too high which hurt my credibility.  Now my voice is stronger and more relaxed.  I feel more confident about speaking.”
Jane Larson, Marketing Engineer, Hewlett Packard

“I went to Judy because my accent was strong and I had difficulty making myself understood.  Now my speech is much clearer and I present a better image at meetings”
Michael Tam, Systems Specialist

“There are no words to describe how I feel now that I can read fluently, It’s awesome, I am no longer afraid to read out loud and I feel smart”
Sean O’Brien,  High School Student
“Thank you Judy, I just got accepted to Harvard.  My interviews went great and I did not stutter and was able to express myself completely without holding back due to the fear I would stutter.”
Marilyn Sanders, High School Student

"Judy was able to form a wonderful relationship with my teenage son, gain his confidence and trust, and help him overcome his stuttering. Judy really understands helping the whole person, and the emotional landscape that is part of the speech challenges. Her therapy is not just about how to speak clearly, but how to understand yourself. He worked very hard, and followed her program, meeting regularly with her and practicing daily. In a matter of a few months, his world had changed.

Now, six months after we started with Judy, he is very comfortable with his friends, being social, participating in class and speaking in front of groups. He explains that his whole world has changed. He had figured that he would always have the speech problem and just have to live with that.

“He is thrilled to have a whole new outlook on his life and future.
I recommend Judy for anyone who wants to speak more clearly and have confidence in themselves. She is warm, inviting and supportive, and has a truly brilliant program”
A Happy Mom

I worked with Judy for about a year. I had (and still have) a mild stutter. But what you really learn there are mechanisms to control it. It's really up to you to apply them or not, default pattern of the speach will probably always stay with you, but you would learn another one. It takes time and effort to establish and maintain this pattern. Daily practice is required, ideally hours of controlled speach using the basic techique and minimizing the time when you are upset/angry/pressed and cannot control it.

During our most active phase of the therapy (3 times a week for about 3 months) I was able to a) establish this pattern of clear speech, make sure I can call it anytime, b) get more confidence in my abilities to control it. Essentially, both parts are very important. It allowed me to overcome my fear of public speaking and talk at a 500 people conference. It went well, although after it I started to practice less and following conferences/talks were not that great so the fear grown back a bit. But it's really more about me not practicing enough, I feel. That said, I'm going to present in the same conference again this year. Probably will get back to Judy to get back into my zone.
To sum up: helps to learn the basics of speech control, shows the pattern, works as a forcing function for you to practice. But it won't do the job for you. You'll have to practice a lot, for the whole life. No silver bullet. Reminds me a path of meditation/consiousness. 5m a day are not enough. And it's a marathon (probably life-long) and not a sprint.
Mikhail L., from YELP

There aren't enough words in the English language to explain how wonderful of a woman Judy is. Throughout our speech therapy sessions, Judy was remarkably patient and empathetic. She explained something about stuttering that I had never realized before. People who have a stutter develop emotional trauma, which makes the stutter worse. The emotional factor is like a wall that grows over the years which makes it harder to fix the original problem, the stutter. In order to repair the stutter, you have to break down that wall of anxiety and shame first. It wasn't until Judy helped me bulldoze that wall that I began to see improvements in my speech. With the daily speech exercises and "four friends" (you'll learn that with Judy), I had slowly transformed from an introvert into somewhat of an extrovert. I was no longer walking around with a sad glum look on my face. I was finally smiling again! I wasn't afraid to start conversations with my family and friends that I had once had trouble speaking fluently with. Don't get me wrong, I still have my days but overall my speech and emotional state have improved drastically. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Judy.

Ahmad I.  from YELP

Judy Sullivan is a remarkable woman and speech therapist. She is excellent at what she does and her excellence shines brightly. I had a stammer, and due to her insight and best practices I no longer have a stammer. If I do, it is not nearly effecting my life as though it had in the past. Physical, mental, and educational side of speech impediment she deals with. Not to be too emotional or exaggerate in the least, she changed my life. She is great. I would highly recommend her.

Renae H.  from YELP


Judy Sullivan
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